Alliance Voices, San Francisco Alliance Leaders Share Business and Life Stories

Date: Friday, October 13, 2017
Location: San Francisco

During our October 13, 2017 Regional Meeting, in the spirit of sharing the awesome collective wisdom of our Alliance community, we were treated to hard-earned insights and expertise. Neil Chaudhari of Propane Studio discussed “The Transformative Power of Platforms” as he showcased how psychology, data and digital platforms can elevate community engagement and benefit any brand, including one that Neil is particularly passionate about, motorcycles. Ted Elliott of Jobscience discussed the “Population Bomb!” and how it will impact our labor force. Everett Harper of Truss explained how to “Move to the Edge, Declare it Center” by sharing a new framework for leading and solving complex problems. Ben Davis of Phizzle talked about “Data and Social Change” as he questioned what would happen if we collectively put the same effort into eliminating social injustices as we do using data to create and disrupt industries. Alliance Director Marion McGovern shed light on the “Myths and Misunderstandings About the Gig Economy,” and offered insights into how to capitalize on this important trend.

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