BioPharmX Announces Patent Award

August 09, 2018

MENLO PARK, Calif. -- BioPharmX Corporation (NYSE American: BPMX), a specialty pharmaceutical company developing products for the dermatology market, announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has granted a fifth patent to the company – which means that three of its drug delivery systems now have patent protection.

The patent, (U.S. Patent No. 10,034,899), entitled "Solid oral dosage form for breast symptoms," protects improvements in BioPharmX's novel system for the delivery of molecular iodine to treat fibrocystic breast condition. It recognizes the unique benefits provided by the addition of vitamins A and/or D and calcium and/or iron to the company's Violet® iodine, a novel and proprietary formulation for the treatment of fibrocystic breast condition, containing iodide and iodate salts that react to form molecular iodine when they are exposed to gastric pH.

This is the third patent granted to BioPharmX this year. The first, granted in February, was for the company's microencapsulation delivery system. The second, granted in March, protects the company's HyantX™ delivery system, which forms the basis for two investigational drugs, BPX-01* for acne and BPX-04* for rosacea.The company has another 31 patent applications pending, to protect all four of the BioPharmX delivery systems.

"The patents granted to us by the USPTO validate the novelty of our delivery systems," said R. Kehl Sink, PhD, Senior VP of Intellectual Property and Legal at BioPharmX. "These patents and the 31 pending patent applications protect our investment in product innovation for years to come."

Violet®, BioPharmX's first product, demonstrated that the company could overcome barriers that have historically stumped other pharmaceutical companies. This patent grant is another milestone in BioPharmX's record of innovation.

About BioPharmX Corporation

BioPharmX Corporation (NYSE American: BPMX) is a Silicon Valley-based specialty pharmaceutical company, which seeks to provide products through proprietary platform technologies for prescription, over-the-counter (OTC), and supplement applications in the health and wellness markets, including dermatology and women's health.