Imanis Data Network World’s 10 Hot Business Continuity Startups to Watch

October 30, 2018

SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Imanis Data, the leader in enterprise data management powered by machine learning, announced that Network World has named it among the publication’s ‘10 Hot Business-Continuity Startups to Watch.’ Imanis Data is listed along with a crop of well-funded young businesses that embrace blockchain, machine learning, data analytics, and more to stave off costly disaster downtime. See the full article in Network World.

Business Continuity is a huge problem for enterprises that increasingly rely on NoSQL and Hadoop data sets for mission-critical applications. According to recent research from ESG, 96% of organizations have already deployed NoSQL or plan to within 12 months. Additionally, 50% of these same organizations have already deployed Hadoop. The challenge is that traditional data protection solutions that enterprises use to protect their VMs and relational databases don't natively support NoSQL and Hadoop workloads creating a critical data protection gap and exposing organizations to data loss and downtime.

"It’s not a matter of if but when organizations will suffer data loss or downtime of their NoSQL and Hadoop data,” said Peter Smails, CMO at Imanis Data. "We are proud to be recognized by Network World but more importantly this recognition helps spread the word of the critical need for enterprises to protect their NoSQL and Hadoop workloads.”

Imanis Data addresses this gap by delivering an enterprise data management solution that enables organizations to:

  • Protect – all their NoSQL and Hadoop workloads with point-in-time backup, any-point-in-time recovery, and multi-site disaster recovery.
  • Orchestrate – the deployment of test/dev clusters including data masking and sampling, as well as seamlessly migrate data across like or unlike databases and cloud boundaries.
  • Automate – ransomware detection and backup processes with machine learning.

To accomplish this, Imanis Data built a revolutionary data management solution based upon the following unique capabilities:

  • Big Data Scalability – the solution is built upon Big Data principles including massive scalability, parallel processing, and an agent-less architecture enabling it to address the scale and distributed nature of NoSQL and Hadoop workloads.
  • Broad Hadoop and NoSQL Ecosystem – Imanis Data supports all leading databases enabling organizations to leverage one solution for all their data management requirements.
  • Data-Aware Data Reduction – unlike traditional data protection, Imanis Data leverages data-aware deduplication, compression, and erasure coding which understand database schemas resulting in backup storage efficiency far superior to any traditional method.
  • Machine Learning – the Imanis Data solution includes an extensible machine learning library that provides ransomware detection today and will expand to include new capabilities in the future.

The Network World recognition comes on the heels of Imanis Data’s recent 4.0 announcement. Additionally, the company has garnered considerable accolades and news coverage via top tier publications including Forbes, The Register, Information Age, TechTarget, The New Stack, and more.